CPSIA Compliance

The Consumer Product Safety and Improvement Act (CPSIA)

This act, enacted by Congress in 2008 sets forth the requirements designed to ensure that, among other things, certain goods are sold to consumers are certified compliant by the testing requirements set forth by this legislation.

This legislation applies to all consumer products (including our textile wearables) manufactured on and after November 2008. Not only does this affect the blank products that we sell, but it may, in turn, affect the decorated products you may sell to your customers.
We follow all of the standards set forth by CPSIA, including but not limited to the formal compliance certification on flammability, as well as testing for phthalates and hazardous chemicals.

We guarantee that our products are tested and certified compliant by a third party testing facility.

For your convenience, we offer a CPSIA Compliance and Indemnification Statement from our President available as a PDF file here.